Groups will be arranged when there is a sufficient level of interest. Venues vary, depending on the size and purpose of the group. If you would like to arrange to share one of these groups with friends or colleagues, then that is possible also and we can agree on a venue.

Please contact me to ask any questions you may have.

Women’s therapy group

womens-therapy-group8  two hour sessions of therapy work with a closed group of 6 - 8.  A closed group means that once a group is formed, no other members will join the group. It is important that trust is built within the group. Each session begins with a topic (these vary and are intended to stimulate discussion) and is then led in whatever direction best serves the group.

The Long View


A two day workshop in which you can meet with other women of all ages to consider and plan for a future that, for some of you, may still seem far away. Does the term ‘elder’ hold respect, dismissal or fear for you? This is an opportunity to consider who you will be as an elder in your family/community. Will you find yourself surprised by the future suddenly filling the present, or will you use the time you have now to empower the person you are becoming? Will you wait to be set aside or is this no part of your dream for the future? What contribution do we want to make that derives from who we have been, who we are and who we will become in the last third of life?

These are full days, from 9.15 till about 4pm. Morning and afternoon teas as well as a light lunch are provided. Group members are invited to bring something to share for lunch on the second day. This dish will be an expression of your heritage.

The groups have from 6 to 16 members.

Pre-conception workshop

pre-conception-workshopAn opportunity to consider deeper feelings and questions about what may lie ahead, as well as the realities of the parenting journey, and what our children may need from us.

There are four two hour evening sessions for couples or singles. As a suggestion, singles could bring a support person, perhaps the person who would support you if you conceived. Much of the discussion will be based around assumptions and values, and there is an educative component. These are small groups, of about 6 couples.

Social Dreaming

social-dreamingAn introduction to the process of “dream dialogue” (Herbert Hahn: Dreaming and Transformation beyond the Clinical Framework). This is a meditative practice in which dreams are shared and engaged with. It is a reflective process and not an analytic one. It relies on a free flow of thought and expression by members of the group. There is dialogue but members try to share what arises from within the self as a felt sense or image, rather than having a discussion in the usual sense.

Held as four 90 minute weekly sessions initially. May continue. Up to 20 group members.

Working with your Dreams

working-with-your-dreamsLearning to use your dreams for self and spiritual development. Group members learn and practice several methods of dream analysis. This work can be revelatory in unexpected ways, and dreamers should be prepared to manage this (call me to discuss this scary sentence). It is a day workshop from 9.15am to about 4pm. Morning and afternoon tea as well as a light lunch are provided. The group can have up to 8 members.

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