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I am in an abandoned village and suddenly I round a corner and find a large beautiful brick building with designs on the outside. I am delighted and amazed at this unexpected find.

This is of course a dream. It came at a time when I needed to make a decision. The decision was about whether to allow an enormous change in my life. What would you have done with this dream under these circumstances? I took some encouragement from it and thinking about this dream was part of my decision making process. However you might wonder about the absence of a door in that building or you could assume it was on the other side or you might believe the design was a code about how to get in. You might decide the dream was saying: Don’t do it! The thing you are considering looks good from the outside but who knows what’s inside?

That’s why a dream is considered to belong to the dreamer and should be interpreted according to the meanings the dreamer derives from the symbols in the dream story. Sometimes this is best done in the company of someone else or a group of people who can offer suggestions. You’ll know by the ‘Ah ha!’ feeling when a suggestion is right for you.

Dreams can seem like they are about someone else, but they are always about you really. They are often puzzling and always layered with meaning. They speak to you in a language that is built from what you know. The trouble is that some of what you know, you do not know consciously. Hence the puzzle.

Those of us who work with dreams believe that they hold a lot of wisdom for the dreamer. There are lots of ways to work with them and such work can be a lot of fun. Sometimes it’s a bit scary too. Why don’t you put a journal by your bed and a pen? Then you are giving yourself the message that you want to remember your dreams. If you are afraid of waking yourself up too much, just a few words written in the dark can be enough to help you recall a dream in the morning. A fragment can hold a lot of meaning. And recalling your dreams is a skill that will grow the more you practise.

I’ll be leading some dream groups later in the year. Let me know if you’re interested. And sweet dreams, my reader.

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