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A wise woman once told me that I could have the freedom of responsibility. It took me a while to get my head around that phrase. I didn’t like the sound of it. More stuff for me to do? In what seemed an already overly responsible life? I could not relate the two terms for a while. Freedom and responsibility…how do they go together? But eventually I realised that she was talking about magic: the magic that I secretly relied on, in my deep self, where my knots of anxiety reside. The secret something that would intervene when all else failed. The benign energy that would say: OK, she’s had enough. Give her a break now.

There are such moments in life, of course. Those moments when you feel you cannot go on and suddenly something wonderful happens. Saved!

But this is magic that we also fear. Fate, we sometimes call it. As if there is a force that rules our lives and it is inexorable – the pattern is in place. “Just my luck.” “It always happens that way.”

The freedom of responsibility has both of those aspects too. It means we’re in charge – we get to make the choices…and wear the consequences, good or bad. There are, of course, accidents and circumstances in life that cannot be changed. We have a choice about whether we try to come to terms with these, or spend our days in grief and vain regret.

If you choose to take up the freedom of responsibility, many courses open up before you. Some choices will not work out and you must deal with that…and choose again. Some choices will lead you to good things. Then the only thing to do is to celebrate. But there is a lot of freedom in the making of those choices, in taking responsibility for the way you live your life.

You are the magician. Abracadabra!

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