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People decide to come to a counsellor or therapist for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes you may feel unsure for a while. If you have never done this before, it can feel pretty strange. Or coming to therapy may be something you are unwilling to reveal to others because of shame or embarrassment - in our culture there is still some stigma attached to attending a therapist. Rest assured that your attendance will be held in confidentiality as much as your work will be.

Generally I work with people who have encountered difficulties in their relationships or in the circumstances or events of their lives. These may include problems with intimacy, loss and bereavement, life transition and adjustment issues including divorce and separation, or illness and disability issues. I work with couples as well as with individuals who are experiencing conflict within the family although I do not work with the family as a whole. I am interested in people who are coping with disordered eating.

You may be struggling with depression or anxiety, even having to cope with panic attacks. You may feel yourself held back by issues of self esteem; perhaps you feel you are a shy person who is not confident in social situations, or you are trying to cope with being bullied in the workplace, at home or in your peer group.

I work with people who are experiencing trauma or trying to manage the after effects of trauma. Sometimes people are surprised to discover that a life which has seemed to them comparatively normal has led them to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or you may already know that you are managing the debilitating effects of this disorder.

Abuse of all kinds wounds us deeply at every level, the implications of it reverberating throughout our lives. You may feel it’s too hard or too shocking to talk about but there is no requirement to talk about anything until you are ready. This is your space and may be used at your own pace and to your own comfort level.

Many address these difficult issues and others by harming themselves, by having suicidal thoughts, and perhaps even by making attempts on their own lives. It is very important to seek help if this describes you.  Help is available through counselling and therapy as well as many organisations.

As well as therapy and counselling, I offer professional supervision to those in the helping professions.

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